Park machines

Guarantee of the high quality of service provides new machines:

Blister packing machine

Efficiency: Depend of blister size, about 6000 blisters/ per hour

Cartoning machine

Efficiency: Depend of quantity of product in carton packs

Tablet Presses

Efficiency: about 80 000 tablets/per hour, maximum size of stamp 19 mm

Capsule filling machine

Efficiency: about 100 000 capsules/ per hour

Automatic pouring-screwing-labeling line

Efficiency: about 3 000 pcs/ per hour

Half – automatic pouring – screwing line

Suitable to filling packages with unusual shapes to capacity up to 1000 ml

Sachets packing machine

Efficiency: Depend of sachets size, about 7000 sachets/ per hour (sachets capacity up to 15 mg of product)

Sachets packing towels machine (soaked with different kind of liguid, packed in hermetic single sachets)

Efficiency: about 3 600 sachets/ per hour ( sachets size: 75×80 mm, towels size: 160 mm x 180 mm)

Automatic counting-closing line

Efficiency: about 3000 pcs/ per hour