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    Actions we undertake as part of R&D:

    • Development and improvement of the product form technology in order to provide recipients with the highest quality products and perfect digestibility by the body.
    • The selection of optimal compositions of active substances in order to use their maximum synergism also in terms of a long shelf life.
    • Development of technological documentation of dietary supplements for the client's needs.
    • Stability testing and documentation development for reporting to GIS.


    • a full range of works related to the production process and mold confectioning
      liquid and dry;
    • weighing in according to the recipe commissioned or developed by our technologists;
    • mixing or homogenizing;
    • spill;
    • labeling;
    • packing in collective packages;
    • production on a scale tailored to the customer's needs.


    • Possibility to pack in plastic or glass containers, with the agreed capacity, closed inductively.
    • Can be packed in PVC / Alu, PVDC / Alu, Alu / Alu blisters.
    • Blisters may be perforated (breaking into smaller pieces or individual tablets).
    • Possibility of packing 3 different objects (tablets of various shapes / colors, tablets and capsules, tablets, eg "MORNING", "NOON, EVENING") in one blister.
    • Packing in unit boxes, display packs and collective boxes.


    We monitor the pharmaceutical market - we make an in-depth and comprehensive marketing analysis in order to meet the contemporary market of dietary supplements. We systematically appear in places of contact with the recipient - we participate in industry events, publish articles, participate in training, and run www and social media accounts.