Produkcja Kontraktowa Suplementów Diety

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Production plant of Komarko Company increase in June 2010 and is base of the grant made under the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013. Priority Axis I: Create conditions for the development of innovation potential and entrepreneurship in Mazovia 1.5: Development of entrepreneurship, Title: Build and eguipment new production and packing plant of cleaning products, cosmetics, medicinal products and dietary supplements in Ozarow Mazowiecki” Innovation of our project was appreciated and highly praised as a result is our presence in among beneficiaries RPO WM 2007-2013. Under investment besides build and equipment product plant, were purchased new modern production line and also laboratory eguipment. Acquired machine are on the high level automated and modern. Allow secure work and they give opportunity to work for the disabled. In result of this investment in our Company employment found several new employees. New products and services introduced by the project:

  • industrial product service – medical products and dietary supplements; dry and liguid form
  • tableting service of medical products and dietary supplements: dry and liguid form
  • capsuling service of medical products and dietary supplements: dry form
  • packing service of liguid medical products and dietary supplements: dry and liguid form
  • laboratory service – elaborate of technological preparation of medicaments and dietary supplements
  • laboratory service – stability tests and preparation of the registration dossier for the main Sanitary Inspectorate

Standard production resulting in the production plant allows for the implementation and certification of the management production system -GMP, quarantee high products quality and offer service. banner_fundusz