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Komarko Limited Liability Company, hereby announces the commencement of the Project :

"Establishment of Research and Development Center in terms of modern forms dietary supplements and foodstuffs special nutritional uses".

Project Number: POIR.02.01.00-00-0075/16-00

Komarko Sp. z o.o. with home in Ożarów Mazowiecki since 2003 operates related to contract manufacturing dietary supplements.The company follows pharmaceutical standards,however supplements are manufactured in advance currently required standards regarding food production as provided by law. Details: Komarko also operates research and development in project mode.As a matter of potential identified B+R Applicants decided, that it's advisable creation of an internal organizational unit dedicated activity B+R. The launch of the Research and Development Center is the main objective of the project. Thanks to EU funding under the Intelligent Development Operational Programme and using the anticipated to obtain the results of B&R works it will be possible to offeron the international market modern forms of dietary supplements and foodstuffs for particular nutritional uses.

The total project value is 13 591 500,00 PLN

Amount of project funding 4 420 000,00 PLN

Project Location: Mazovia Province,warsaw west subregion,warsaw west district,commune: Ożarow Mazowiecki,town: Ożarow Mazowiecki (postcode:05-850 ) Kierbedzia 8 street.

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