Contract manufacturing

produkcja kontraktowaWe can manage the whole production process and packaging dry and liguid form .

Begin from weighing commissioned or developed by our Technologist recipes, by mixing or homogenizing, bottling, screwing, labeling, packaging in collective carton boxes.

We have full automatic line production so we are abble to adapt clients needs.

Advantages of contract manufacturing i.e. what you will gain by working with us.

Thanks to the ability to outsouring in the context of contract manufacturing, both the whole production process as well as selected range of activities such as tabletting, weighing, packaging. Your company has the option benefit from the highest quality production facilities, while maintaining precise control over production costs.

Main advantages of contract manufacturing:

  • saving time in contract manufacturing - we have done into use facility generative and well-qualified workers which allows reduce time arrangements production within contract into minimum.
  • saving currency in contract manufacuring - use of highly scalable production infrastructure within contract manufacturing is economical solution and allow on far reaching cost optimization. This is the effect of scale – our plant performs services for many subjects within contract manufacturing which allows to take advantage of high-performance infrastructure, though the quantitative level of production isn't high. The important factor is also the precise determination of costs which allows you to better budget for production within your business plan. Contract manufacturing simply pays off.
  • experience – use know-how „KOMARKO" company in the manufacture of drugs and dietary supplements by contract manufacturing. Thanks to contract manufacturing, every company, regardless of the background, you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of KOMARKO specialists and pharmacists.Experience and highly staff command pharmaceutical knowledge are indispensable for succeed good score in contract manufacturing.
  • wide range of contract manufacturing services – thanks to modern park machines and experience in production KOMARKO company may offer very wide the range of possible orders within contract manufacturing. We deal with every planning stage, generate either breaking bulk medicine and supplement diet based on liquid forms (drops, solution) and powders (granulate, sachets, uncoated tablets, capsules).
  • comprehensive contract manufacturing services – KOMARKO can prepare total solution from the concept itself or proposals for product formulation by its form or definition of specifics, development of new technologies, purchase of raw materials and packet, manufacturing itself or subsequent analytical testing. This allows our partners to performany project in the field of preparation and the release of medicines or dietary supplements on the basis of contract manufacturing
  • contract manufactruirng reduce obstacle market entry – prospect job contract manufacturing by companies that want to sell supplements allow on grow up small company or company just starting, companies that don't have their own technical or logistical facilities. This allow on greater diversity in the supplement market, testing of shorter batches and new solutions without involving large resources fund or involving an entire team of professionals.

Contract manufacturing - summary

Production of this type allows for more efficient use of funds, time and people. Contract manufacturing lowers threshold supplements merket entry.

Also allows for faster deployment of new products, drugs and dietary supplements. Leveraging the scale of a large enterprise due to contract manufacturing allow on merket entry also small companies or test production of new products.

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